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2024 Hair Transplant | Full Guide

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What is Fue method hair transplantation?

 Hair loss is a problem that does not depend on a single cause and is experienced by people of all age groups. Although hair loss is most common in men, it is also a condition that women complain about. With the development of technology, FUE hair transplantation, which is one of the most advanced and most preferred methods of hair transplantation methods, has become a technique that has become comfortable and shows the best recovery result for people with baldness. It has been developed day by day and has helped patients with baldness with a more natural appearance.

 FUE technique, which is one of the most preferred and developed hair transplantation methods for the last 15 years, collects the hair follicles taken from the nape area one by one with the help of a micromotor and the hair follicles are placed in the area after the area to be transplanted is numbed and prepared with local anesthesia. Since the hair follicles are placed one by one, the length of the procedure varies depending on the number of follicles.

Things to know for those who want to have a hair transplant;

 People who want to have a hair transplant are first examined to determine whether the hair in the donor area is sufficient for the openness of the area to be transplanted and whether their expectations can be met. If the patient is a suitable candidate, the operation date is decided.

 Before hair transplantation, the patient should give information about his/her medical history to his/her doctor. Detailed information about previous diseases and operations, chronic diseases, medications, allergies, etc. is obtained. About what to know before hair transplantation; It is one of the most important situations to stop medications that increase bleeding, alcohol and smoking 1 week before. Foods containing caffeine such as tea and coffee should be reduced. The use of substances such as topicals, sprays and gels applied to the hair should be discontinued and especially on the day of the operation, the patient should come with clean hair.

Conditions that the patient should pay attention to before hair transplantation:

  • Stop smoking and alcohol 1 week before the operation
  • Stop using anticoagulants, multivitamins, etc. 1 week before the operation.
  • On the day of the operation, the hair should be washed and come without styling without applying any product.
  • Consumption of caffeine-containing foods such as coffee and green tea should be minimized
  • Have a good breakfast on the day of the operation
  • Clothes that are easy to put on and take off on the day of the operation should be preferred

What the patient should know about the operation;

How is hair transplantation performed?

 The application is generally performed under local anaesthesia, the scalp is locally numbed and the roots are taken and placed. Hair follicles taken from the donor area are called grafts. The grafts are placed in small channels in the balding area. The application is performed in a few hours depending on the number of grafts and the size of the balding area.

How long does it take for the patient to get new hair?

 After the operation, crusts form in the transplantation area. In 10 days, the crusts fall off and the patient is asked to wash his/her hair carefully once a day until the crusts fall off. In the first month, most of the transplanted hair falls out and it takes 3 months to regrow. The change is visible in the 6th month and the full result becomes evident in 1 year.

What the patient needs to know on the day of the operation and afterwards;

 On the day of the operation, the patient should come to the hospital with a good breakfast. After he/she is taken to the room and dressed in surgical clothes, he/she is shaved for the last time, the drawing is made and the procedure is started. After the operation, the patient is taken to his/her hotel by car and rest is provided. The patient is given medication and shampoo to use and asked to use it every day. The first wash is done the next day. For 10 days, the head should be washed every day with gentle tampon movements and dried with the same tampon movements with a soft towel or napkin. The transplanted grafts are shed as crusts on the 10th day and shock shedding continues until the 3rd month and quality hair follicles grow instead. From 6 months onwards, new hair begins to appear and shows its clear appearance in the 1st year.

Warnings for after hair transplantation:

  • Lie in the supine position for -1 week and avoid any contact with the transplanted area.
  • Avoid baths, saunas, sea, pool and sports for 1 month and avoid direct sunlight.
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid salt.

Warnings for hair washing after hair transplantation:

  • Hair should be washed with lukewarm water and excessively hot or cold water should be avoided.
  • For the first 2 weeks, the hair should be washed every day with the shampoo provided as recommended.
  • Hand lathered shampoo and slightly wet hair should be applied to the hair in the form of a tampon, no rubbing or scratching should be done. Then the foams should be washed with warm water without touching.
  • For drying, excess water should be removed with a soft towel or towel napkin in the form of a tampon. This should be done carefully and with a light push-pull motion, without rubbing.
  • No product other than the shampoo provided should be applied to the hair.
  • When washing the hair, pressurized water should be avoided.

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