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Which of the following pictures best describes your hair?

Which of the following pictures best describes your hair?

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Who can have hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation can be applied to any person who has experienced hair loss for various reasons since the age of 18 in men and women, does not have any physiological discomfort that will not prevent hair transplantation and the donor area is sufficient. The hair quality of the person to undergo hair transplantation affects the result of the procedure.

Will the transplanted hair fall out after hair transplantation?

The transplanted hair falls out within a few weeks, but after 3-4 months, it recovers itself, grows in good quality and continues to grow. The hair that grows after this temporary loss is recovered is permanent. As long as the patient's own hair does not fall out, the transplanted hair does not fall out and sparseness does not occur.

What is Multi-Language support?

If Turkish is not one of the languages you speak, we provide a Translator who speaks a language you want(Premium Package), so you will have no doubts of having a great experience during your trip.

How do I purchase your service?

Choose the best option Economy, Standard and Premium packages that fits you, fill your information and our team will guide you about how to proceed.

Is free round trip option eligible for any country?

Unfortunately no.
Please contact us to learn which countries are eligible for this option.

Do I have to bring cash with me?
Even though you will be able to pay your security deposit with your credit card, you will have to bring cash to pay for your hair transplant.



Damla Uludağ

Hair Transplant Expert

Who are we?

     As Hair and Travels family, we are here for a professional health service with our friendly, caring and expert staff with the latest advanced methods within our ethical rules. Our mission is to provide a better service to our patients day by day.

It is one of the most important issues for us that you experience the most advanced FUE technique hair transplantation comfortably with our painless methods. Before the operation, we discuss what you need with your doctor, which medications will be given to you to have a comfortable procedure within certain tests during the operation, and after the operation, we provide the best end of the operation with your special medication and care shampoo.


Damla Uludağ

Hair Transplant Expert

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