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What causes hair loss in women and can hair transplantation be performed for women?

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 Although hair loss in women is a sign of some underlying diseases, it may be due to reasons such as dye used for hair, chemical products or not using products suitable for hair type. If you are experiencing intense hair loss, it is recommended that you undergo a doctor's examination and create your treatment accordingly.

Some of the causes of hair loss in women;

  • Excessive stress
  • Thyroid problems
  • Hormonal causes
  • Excessive weight gain and loss, strict diets
  • Some vitamin deficiencies (A, E, B12, D etc.)

How to prevent hair loss in women?

 The beginning of everything is a healthy diet. Adequate nutrition is very important for hair health. It is also one of the most important factors to care for the hair type. It is necessary to to protect the hair against heat, therefore, avoid washing the hair with too hot or cold water. It is also important to accelerate the blood flow of the scalp in order to achieve that the scalp should be massaged as much as possible.

Apart from these, it is also recommended to consume some foods for hair loss in women. Some of these foods are spinach, arugula, beans, chard, fish, chicken, walnuts, hazelnuts, yogurt, etc. These foods help to improve hair quality. You can consume them regularly and moderately in consultation with your doctor.

Can hair transplantation be performed for hair loss in women?

 Hair loss in women is less than in men. Depending on the extent of hair loss in women, hair transplantation can be performed if there is no underlying disease that may prevent the operation. Although there is no difference in terms of operation and price, transplantation is performed with the same method and the same materials and the result is guaranteed.

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